No Disease is Incurable - All Diseases Are Preventable

Dr. Tanton and family, Dr. Tanton seems to have barely aged, pictured here with his Wife, DeVon, and his son, Karey, more than a quarter of a century ago (1986)

Dr. Tanton is an award-winning author, and one of the foremost research scientists in the nation. He is constantly searching for some of the latest discoveries, by world-renowned scientists, and has also made some of his own. One of his interests is the potential for greatly reducing, (and at times even reversing) aging! He is living proof that it's entirely possible. By following his recommendations, you too can achieve optimum physical, and mental health.

Dr. Tanton's Objectives

Health care reform in Oregon

Finding a way to assure better access to alternative therapies, and insurance coverage for natural therapies and supplements.

Drug-free Cures

Finding drug-free cures for some of the most serious diseases, as well as how they can be prevented.

Research Facility Funding

Looking for people to assist in funding in order to establish a research facility, to conduct clinical studies.

Dr. Tanton's Extensive Research On Conditions

Dr. Tanton has done the most extensive research in, and written books on: diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, depression and mental disorders.