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Dr. David W. Tanton, Ph.D.

Dr. David W. Tanton graduated with honors from Clayton College of Natural Healing with a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, and is the founder and research director of the Soaring Heights Longevity Research Center in Springfield, Oregon. Dr. Tanton was labeled by the local media as the "Time Machine," and by some Native Americans as the "Miracle Man on the Hill."

At 78 years of age, Dr. Tanton is 100% drug-free, and has never been healthier at any age. He is one of those dedicated scientists that never stop looking for answers. Any health issue that might be considered by many as incurable, to Dr. Tanton is just one more challenge to resolve. From over five decades of research, he feels he understands the basic underlying causes of most diseases, how they can be avoided, and often eliminated.

Healthy Cells

Creating healthy cells should be our primary objective. As we replace approximately 300 billion cells every single day, that is where our greatest potential lies. Only by delving into the workings of the body at the very basic molecular level (sometimes referred to as Quantum Medicine), can we begin to better appreciate the extreme complexity and efficiency of the miraculous body we all too often take for granted.

Dr. Tanton's Basic Premise

Dr. Tanton discovered that each organ, and every single cell in the body interact with each other, as well as the master controller, our brain. Healthy cells are the basis of healthy organs, and eventually healthy energetic bodies. Our body has tremendous restorative capabilities. By taking advantage of that potential, and using a natural drug-free approach, providing resources that our body will immediately recognize and can effectively utilize, many unnecessary surgeries can also be eliminated.

Some of our most critical organs (our kidneys, liver, and heart) all have tremendous restorative capabilities. Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs currently on the market can easily damage one or more of the three organs. Dr. Tanton feels that more effort should be placed on repairing, rather than replacing organs, considering the important part that each plays. The necessity of taking immune-suppressing anti-rejection drugs following a transplant results in a much greater propensity for developing disease (especially cancer) in the future.

Dr. Tanton has been increasingly troubled by the accelerated effort to aggressively promote sales of highly profitable yet potentially dangerous medications to the general public via the media. They in turn attempt to broaden the market for both blood pressure and cholesterol medications, by arbitrarily establishing new lower acceptable levels. A lower acceptable level translates to increased sales.

Dr. Tanton states: "All medications deplete critical nutrients, and create many troubling side effects, for which other medications are then prescribed." That's what Dr. Tanton refers to as the "typical domino effect" associated with all medications.

He also feels that God obviously didn't create errors that we somehow need drugs to fix, and stresses "Most importantly, the drugs are designed to suppress symptoms only, (our body's important communication). They are inorganic chemicals, foreign to the body, and thus incapable of healing the underlying condition. The very reason many remain on medications for the remainder of their lives – a very profitable strategy for the pharmaceutical giants!" In his opinion, remaining on drugs is the best possible way to create a worsening of overall health, and to increase your risk of spending your latter years in a nursing home, which is obviously not something to look forward to.

Dr. Tanton claims that every single person he's aware of, who successfully eliminated his or her medications, soon began experiencing better overall health. They are normally totally amazed at how easily that can be accomplished, and how much better they feel by doing so.


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