What About Anti-Aging – My Primary Area of Interest

There are a few factors that determine how fast we age. I personally went through a few years' period (six to be exact), of fairly rapid aging, followed by over a quarter-century of very little aging! The obvious question is, why? I'm the same individual with the very same genes, yet I have experienced both extremes over the years, and I believe I know why.

Although we all have the same genes throughout our lifetimes, there are various factors that determine how they might be expressed. Thus, it's very similar to being born with a different set of genes, which can vary dramatically. The good news is, once we learn the secret, we can learn how to basically re-program our genes. If you choose to slow down, and at times even "reverse aging", I believe there is a way that can be accomplished, once you learn how.
This can be explained by the relatively new science called genomics. Yet only by learning the most effective way we an effectively re-program our genes, can we experience the greatest benefit.


The best proof I could find is a few pictures to show graphically what many have noticed and commented on, from those who hadn't seen me for several years. In fact, a few even claimed that I actually looked younger, after eight to ten years. I'll have to admit that, it appears true to me as well. But I'll provide the pictures and let you decide.
Back in 1962, I owned three businesses and had about 20 employees. I was busy running and building the businesses. I had put on quite a few pounds over four years. My diet consisted primarily of fast food, and Pepsi™ had become my beverage of choice. In the evenings, we often had "TV dinners", cooked in a microwave – something I would never consider doing now!

After reading Adelle Davis's book Eat Right to Keep Fit, I discovered that some dietary changes were in order. Thus, I began losing the excess weight, and my health and energy levels improved as well. Soon after that, I sold my businesses, attended the Automation Institute in Seattle, and started working in the aerospace industry as a computer operations supervisor, and later as a computer programmer / analyst, designing software for the large main-frame computers. As I normally worked only 40 hours a week, that left ample time to conduct research on my new interest – optimizing our health, and increasing our longevity potential.


Now fast forward to 1979, and back in business. At that point, I was healthy and in better shape (about 20 pounds lighter) than I was in 1962. Following is a picture taken in 1980, shortly after I purchased the motel.

A great deal happened the following six years, including a great deal of stress, and several major challenges. Once again, my primary focus was remodeling and upgrading the business, dealing with employees, and at times tenants (we rented both overnight and weekly). My diet soon became secondary again, and although it was healthier than previously, my stress level was considerably higher.

After completing a major remodel and building the business, I decided to sell out, and retire from business, in order to devote full time to conducting research – my primary objective. Thus, I did two things in rapid succession – I sold the motel to a local attorney (one big mistake), and I invested a large sum of money that was supposed to provide an excellent return on investment for many years, (another mistake).

Three months after my investment, the FTC and FBI sued the company for fraud, claiming it was a Ponzi scheme. Thus, they were forced to file a Chapter 11 (reorganization) bankruptcy. As it turned out, I was one of the larger investors, and the court appointed me as one of the twelve to serve on the Creditors Committee. I was then asked by the committee members to serve as the chairman, which I did for the next three years. Incidentally, there were 3,500 investors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

I soon learned to speed-read legal documents (which I received weekly), and made many trips to Utah (where the bankruptcy had been filed), to conduct research, attend court hearings, and meet with my sub-committee, which I later formed. It wasn't long before I discovered just how corrupt the legal system can at times be! As it turned out, the trustee and his attorney actually weren't attempting to help with the reorganization. They instead confiscated holdings and proceeded to deplete the assets, in order to play themselves exorbitant fees. Thus, we as a committee, decided to sue the trustee for lack of representation of the creditors by the trustee. The trustee and his attorney in turn, petitioned the court to file a mandate that any committee member who attempted to file a lawsuit, would be fined $500 for doing so. Thus, they were basically above the law, and we had absolutely no recourse.

There is much more to the story, but needless to say, that was a very stressful time for me, as well as the 3,500 investors I represented. Later, it appeared that the judge might have been involved as well!

Then, eight months after selling the motel, the attorney who purchased it, decided that he wanted out, and even wanted his money back! He called one morning and notified me that he had vacated the motel, and was suing to rescind, with no prior notice whatsoever. Although he was an attorney, he hired a well-respected circuit court judge to represent him. I asked him what he based his rescission on, and he said "misrepresentation". Of what kind, I asked? He indicated he didn't want to discuss it at the time. I know I hadn't misrepresented anything. That is something I have never done in any of my dealings.

After he subpoenaed my records, it soon became obvious that there had been no misrepresentation. Thus, he employed every tactic he could to delay court hearings. The problem was, I had possession of the motel, yet without legal ownership. At that point, it was badly in need of repairs, and I still couldn't repair and sell it until the litigation had been resolved.

1986 - 1991

To make a long story short – although he had no case, whatsoever, (and I'm sure he was aware of the fact), I offered to trade a contract on property I had sold, in order to regain legal possession of the motel, and again restored the business he had managed to run down during his possession. I then began restoring the business, and eventually purchased and upgraded 2 more motels. I finally decided to hire my son to do the maintenance, and oversee the managers. Then one day, he had the opportunity to purchase a plastering business, so I had to again take over the responsibility. In 1991, I finally sold out and officially retired from business, and went on to more meaningful pursuits.

Dr. Tanton and family, 1986The point I'm trying to make is, long-term stress, and not focusing on diet and nutrition (as I had done previously), can take a toll, which was reflected in the photo of my wife, my son, and myself, six years later.

As you can see, I went from very little gray hair, to mostly gray hair, and I had gained about ten pounds as well.

It's amazing the potential there is for greatly slowing down aging, and at times even to reverse the process. Our bodies have tremendous restorative capability! Yet as you can see, we can also age fairly rapidly as well. Scientists are discovering how constant stress, and continuous elevations of the stress hormone cortisol, contribute to aging in several ways.

We all go through periods of stress in our lifetime – that's perfectly normal. The problem stems from unrelenting stress, for extended periods, such as daily. Continuous stress contributes to elevated cortisol, which can eventually result in adrenal fatigue, which can be very debilitating. It was discovered that elevated cortisol suppresses the thyroid and thus the energy level, and greatly reduces the action (and thus efficiency) of 3,000 enzymes important for many bodily functions.

Then the telomeres, which are at the end of the chromosomes in our DNA, are shortened from long-term stress. The shorter the telomeres, the less times a cell can replicate (or regenerate when necessary). Thus, our potential lifespan is determined, at least partly due to the length of our telomeres. It also means that cells in some organs will begin dieing, which will compromise their efficiency.

Elevated cortisol also contributes to elevated blood sugar, and insulin. That, in turn, increases the risk of both diabetes and weight gain. It can at times contribute to the breakdown of muscle tissue as well. In fact, sixteen different vital nutrients are depleted by elevated cortisol.

According to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Ph.D., one 30 mg dose of Prozac™ causes a 200% increase of cortisol. That might help explain why Prozac™ just happens to deplete sixteen critical nutrients also!

Then growth hormone levels normally tend to decline as we age, and growth hormone is considered as a youth hormone. It helps maintain muscle tissue and the health and vitality of all our organs. The problem is, growth hormone production is suppressed when the blood sugar is elevated (one result of elevated cortisol).


Dr. Tanton, 2005As you can easily see, I actually aged more in six stressful years, than I did in the following nineteen-year period, when my last picture was taken. As far as I can tell, I have changed little even since then. I eliminated all the stress my moving to a secluded environment surrounded by nature, where I built the longevity research center. After which I began incorporating my longevity protocol – something I will be writing on in the future.

My goal is to change very little in the next nineteen years (both physically and mentally), and from my discoveries (especially the past few years), I believe It's entirely possible. At that point I should be close to the century mark, at 98 years! Only time will tell, but I'm convinced it's entirely possible. We have all heard of those who lived over a century, yet they not only look old, but often have disabilities as well. In my opinion, when our quality of life diminishes, and we are no longer productive, anything beyond that point might be of little value.

Any pathologist will tell you that the different organs of the elderly are normally shrunken and no longer as pliable as they should be, in order to function efficiently. That's a clue that many cells have died, due to inefficient oxygen or nutrients, or dehydration, or exposure to an excessive level of toxins, (or all of the above).

Then as I mentioned, once the telomeres shorten to a certain point, the cell can no longer replicate (or regenerate), thus it dies. That can eventually compromise the function of an organ, and contribute to aging.

I believe it's entirely possible to prevent that deterioration, and greatly reduce the aging process. Just one disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or Alzheimer's, can shorten one's life, or at least greatly compromise the quality of life. That's one reason those are diseases I have focused the majority of my research on. Something else I have focused my research and writing on is how the long-term reliance on medications can contribute to poor health and disease, as can a poor diet consisting mainly of processed foods.


I'm constantly looking for new discoveries, and have at times made some of my own. Some are actually re-discoveries, made decades ago, or at times even centuries ago. Some with the greatest potential come from nature, created for our benefit by the most brilliant scientists of all – Our Creator. As they are not drugs, most doctors are not familiar with them. The problem is, few doctors are trained in anything except drugs or surgery. They (and their patients) are unaware of the tremendous potential nature holds, although I am, and have been for years. I will be sharing my longevity secrets in the near future, so stay tuned. Hopefully, I will discover even more in the interim – I never stop looking, and evaluating anything that appears to have any potential.