"Dr. Tanton,
Thank you for writing A Drug Free Approach to Health Care. Wish I'd had it 40 years ago."

Dewey Woodland, Terrebonne, OR

"Thank you for writing your wonderful, informative book, “A Drug-Free Approach To Healthcare!” I am learning so much and especially appreciate the chapters on caring for the heart and blood pressure. I received the book today and have been unable to put it down. Just thought you'd like to know. It's very enlightening and is going to be very useful. Thanks!"
Ruth Dwyer

"Dear Dr. Tanton,
Thank you for an excellent and informative work. It has become THE cornerstone of my own personal library of books on alternative healthcare, and I have many. I am involved in numerous discussions on a weekly basis with my own dental patients regarding the principles which you champion. My family and I have experienced great personal benefit by following them.
Robert W. Lockhart, Jr. DDS MPH
Houston, TX

"Dear Doctor,
Regarding the Soaring Heights series, this book will help change your life, Your book is sheer brilliant, every page offers new insights and truth. No reader could be disappointed by this book."
S. Topps
Seal Beach, CA

"Fantastic book and information. A must read. Discover the Scams of the medical and
Pharm industries, and the dangers they inflict on the public!"
Bob Kavanaugh

"Dr. Tanton,
Let me congratulate you on one of the best books that I have read regarding prescription drugs and nutrition. I could hardly put it down once I started reading it. You are very enlightening and it is exciting to know the principals you are basing your work."
Jerry Carr
Seattle, WA

"One of the best books I’ve ever come across! I sent 5 books back, just this morning, to [BottomLine]. They weren’t bad books… they were just not as practical."
Thomas Lynch
Springfield, OR 

"Fantastic!! A must read for anyone interested in good health! This is the most informative and interesting book on healthcare that I have ever read. The common sense approach to wellness and the blatant use of prescription drugs that make one ill are both addressed with plenty of references. Too bad more medical doctors don't or won't read Dr. Tanton's book. Perhaps there would be fewer people in nursing homes with debilitating diseases."
Barry S. Brown on Amazon.com

"Dear Dr. Tanton,
Received a copy of Drug-Free Approach to HealthCare about 2 months ago- Was absolutely intrigued and elated at the vast amount of information therein. To be able to place this type of information in such an enjoyable and readable fashion is a credit to your knowledge and skill and a blessing to all who will read it. I realized when I had finished that you had been “elevated” in my mind to “hero status” such as Sherry A. Rogers MD and Dr. Arden Anderson.

Thank you so much for the vital information. I refer to the book on a daily basis and recommend it to all interested in the real meaning of “true health.” Thank you much and keep it coming.
God Bless,"
Gary R. Mason
Idaho Falls, ID

I found the book to be most helpful in eliminating all prescriptions drugs from my system. It really exposes how evil and corrupt BIG PHARMA can be in their quest for more profits. I highly recommend that people read this book and then implement Dr Tanton’s remedies to rid their bodies of all toxins. Live drug free and liver longer."
John and Eileen Harris, Hervey Bay, Australia, on Amazon.com

"I sent a copy of your book to a client of mine in San Jose, California, about 8 months ago. She had brain surgery for a tumor some 4 years ago, but never wanted to be on medications. However, she lacked the strength to stop them until a month ago when she got food poisoning at a meeting and began to vomit so badly that she couldn't keep on her meds. After a few days she started feeling better and decided not to continue the meds. Now she has been off the meds for some 35 days and has gotten ever so much better! The meds were poisoning her and only by the accidental food poisoning did she manage to get off them. She is very grateful for having received your book that reinforced her basic desire always to avoid medications. We both thank you for your book."
Tom Easton, Attorney at Law
Springfield, OR

"Dear Dr. Tanton,
I’ve read many, many natural health books over the last 20+ years, yet I cannot recall any that go to the root causes of the various diseases as thoroughly and clearly as “A Drug- Free Approach To Healthcare” does. It’s easy to read and understand by the average person, and it directly addresses the underlying problems of disease, rather than trying to merely “cover up” the symptoms of disease. Your book exposes some pretty “shocking” health myths, and you always back up your meticulous research with scientific and comprehensive PROOF. I firmly believe this book is must-have reading for anyone who is serious about regaining (or maintaining) true health."
Tom Nimz

"A hugely Informative Book You Should Read ASAP! I ordered a book that sounded interesting because I am being led down the standard medical path by my current doctors, now on three of the popular cure-nothing drugs, with one of them insisting I start on a fourth. The book is titled "A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare", by Dr. David W. Tanton, Ph.D. After reading 80% of the book, picking the topics of most interest, I am more convinced than ever that I need to dump my doctors and find those that are concerned with nutrition and natural healing first and foremost. I have felt this way for decades, but now, armed with the vast detailed knowledge in Dr. Tanton's book, I'm ready to start interviewing new doctors. I recommend you buy the book and tap into this collection of wisdom that will let you think critically about your healthcare and where it is leading you. Go to http://www.drtanton.com; check out and order the book - spend the money; $28 cheap dollars compared to a life of drug-induced side effects dragging you down the bumpy hill of ill-health. Learn the many nutrients that specific drugs scavenge from your body. Discover the multiple layers of side-effects that each drug you take can subject you to. Understand how, when multiple drugs are added during the never-ending course of 'treatment', that slow, wide-scale degeneration is the most frequent outcome.
Good Living - "
Frank, on SeniorFitness.com

"Dr. Tanton – Congratulations on a great book – 'Drug Free Approach to Healthcare' This should be the future of medicine by popular demand!"
Bruce J Brewer, O.D.
Midvale, UT

"My son met Dr. Tanton while doing a job at his home. My son was due for surgery the next week to have his gallbladder removed. He has suffered for years with sever attacks. Dr. Tanton suggested he get a food allergy test first, and to read this book. He canceled his surgery took a food allergy test and started following the information in this book. Yes he was allergic to several things (soy products was a big one). He watches what he eats follows what he has learned in this book. He has only had 1 small attack in four months. I bought the book and I have learned so much to help me stay healthy. Recommend to Everyone!"
M. Smith, Cottage Grove, OR, on Amazon.com