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Dr. Tanton is an award-winning author, and one of the foremost research scientists in the nation. He is constantly searching for some of the latest discoveries, by world-renowned scientists, and has also made some of his own. One of his interests is the potential for greatly reducing, (and at times even reversing) aging! He is living proof that it’s entirely possible.
By following his recommendations, you too can achieve optimum physical, and mental health.

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Dr. Tanton’s Objectives

Finding a way to assure better access to alternative therapies, and insurance coverage for natural therapies and supplements.
Finding drug-free cures for some of the most serious diseases, as well as how they can be prevented.
Looking for people to assist in funding in order to establish a research facility, to conduct clinical studies.


Pharmaceutical world

Marketers in the pharmaceutical world would like to keep hidden from the general public (and even their doctors) the many risks associated with the drugs they promote daily on TV commercials. That has been a [...]

Dr. Tanton Interviewed by GardaVita® magazine

GardaVita®'s newest advisory board member, Dr. David Tanton, shares his vast knowledge in this exclusive interview by writer Lisa Moretti "Doctor David Tanton's lifelong journey in natural health began in 1962 in the same place [...]



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A Drug-Free Approach To Healthcare

Combining holistic methods, Dr. Tanton is able to provide preventative measures and remedies for 18 common health ailments, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux disease, arthritis, and back pain. Detailed regimens are provided for each condition, as well as real life examples of Dr. Tanton s methods of treatment. Depending on a lifetime of medication is seldom necessary, comments author Dr. Tanton. In most cases, patients blindly rely on a doctor s prescriptions and the same medicines they are taking to cure one problem could be having a totally disastrous effect on another part of the body. By turning to organic supplements, side effects are eliminated and the body can begin to repair almost any ailment in a safe and natural way.

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User Reviews: A Drug-Free Approach

Below are just some of the amazing reviews I have received on my book.

“Fantastic!! A must read for anyone interested in good health!”

“This is the most informative and interesting book on healthcare that I have ever read. The common sense approach to wellness and the blatant use of prescription drugs that make one ill are both addressed with plenty of references. Too bad more medical doctors don’t or won’t read Dr. Tanton’s book. Perhaps there would be fewer people in nursing homes with debilitating diseases.” – Dianne Brown

My son meet Dr.Tanton while doing a job at his home.My son was due for surgery the next week to have his galbladder removed. He has suffered for years with sever attacks. Dr.Tanton suggested he get a food allergy test first, and to read this book. He cancaled his surgery took a food alergy test and started following the information in this book. Yes he was allergic to several things(soy products was a big one). He watches what he eats follows what he has learned in this book. He has only had 1 small attack in four months. I bought the book and I have learned so much to help me stay healthy. Recommend to Everyone
M. Smith, Amazon
I feel that Dr. Tanton did a great public service with this book. It was almost textbook in its presentation. The only complaint that I have was that the index was a little taxing because multi-use items meant that you really have to hunt through to get to what you want. For those who feel led to disagree, so be it. I do not think that anyone can put in a book a diagnosis suitable for everyone unless it was for a history of someone that was studied. We fail to think that we should be more responsible and able to make good assumptions based on the information that is given. I took a lot of what I read in the doctor’s book and used it to make further inquiries and because I had more of an idea of what was needed, I felt a lot less nervous about things that mattered to me. I appreciate that this book aims to inform the reader rather than showcase the writer. One last point: we, on the hold need to take advantage of opportunities to find out what medicines and remedies are available in light of the shortages, recalls and quackery in todays health environment.
J.A. Ford, Amazon
I found the book to be most helpful in elimitating all prescription drugs from my system. It really exposes how evil and corrupt BIG PHARMA can be in their quest for more profits. I highly recommend that people read this book and then impliment Dr Tanton’s remedies to rid their bodies of all toxins.
Live drug free and live longer.
John Harris, Amazon
At first, I didn’t like the ‘appearance’ of this book. It looked like a homemade, self absorbed author book. Well, I should heed the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”!!! I opened it looking for specific information and got something I have been looking for in one shot! That is: what supplements, vitamins, minerals and enzymes should/should not be taken together!!! This is an amazing book, full of really good info and I will use it daily. GREAT book!!!
Carol L, Amazon
This is the best information I have found to date on avoiding the “Big Pharma Solutions/Problems”! It is easy to read-and hard to put down! Any one concerned about health needs this book!
Julia Nightingale, Amazon