About Dr. Tanton

Dr. Tanton is an award-winning author, and one of the foremost research scientists in the nation. He is constantly searching for some of the latest discoveries, by world-renowned scientists, and has also made some of his own. One of his interests is the potential for greatly reducing, (and at times even reversing) aging! He is living proof that it’s entirely possible.
By following his recommendations, you too can achieve optimum physical, and mental health.

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Dr. Tanton’s Objectives

Finding a way to assure better access to alternative therapies, and insurance coverage for natural therapies and supplements.
Finding drug-free cures for some of the most serious diseases, as well as how they can be prevented.
Looking for people to assist in funding in order to establish a research facility, to conduct clinical studies.


Pharmaceutical world

Marketers in the pharmaceutical world would like to keep hidden from the general public (and even their doctors) the many risks associated with the drugs they promote daily on TV commercials. That has been a [...]

Dr. Tanton Interviewed by GardaVita® magazine

GardaVita®'s newest advisory board member, Dr. David Tanton, shares his vast knowledge in this exclusive interview by writer Lisa Moretti "Doctor David Tanton's lifelong journey in natural health began in 1962 in the same place [...]



Book of the month

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Why Resolving Your Diabetes ASAP is Critical.

The Good News, It’s Surprisingly Easy!

The diabetes – cancer connection. It all comes down to elevated blood sugar and insulin that all diabetics experience. Elevated insulin promotes cancer, and elevated sugar feeds cancer.

I might also stress that diabetics are also more prone to develop Alzheimer’s – actually five times as likely, according to the prominent neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D.! Then diabetics are at greater risk of becoming obese, and developing heart disease. Diabetic neuropathy and amputations are also serious risks.

The good news is, diabetes can be “cured” in only 30 days – no more medications, or elevated blood sugar and insulin. The truth is, it’s the diabetes medications that produce insulin resistance, or diabetes! They actually deplete the nutrients necessary for maintaining health blood sugar. It’s been proven over and over that being a diabetic for life is totally unnecessary. It’s basically a scam, promoted by PhRMA, who makes huge profits from not only diabetes, but also cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease, which diabetics are more prone to acquire eventually. Unfortunately, profit potential is PhRMA’s top priority, although it’s not mine. More people on more drugs, is their ultimate goal. Their success is reflected in the escalating rates of all diseases, as well as inflated insurance rates.

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Longevity Vol 1& 2

The two huge volumes below on Longevity are 8 ½ x 11 inches. Volume 1 is 450 pages, and Volume 2 is 424 pages – a total of 974 pages of extensive information regarding ways we can greatly extend our potential for optimizing our longevity.

The first volume teaches how to resolve any damage at the cellular level, while also increasing the potential of our mitochondria that produces energy, as they normally do in our youth.

Then in volume 2, the focus is on preventing the most common diseases that often lead to premature death, and disability. You will learn ways to also “cure” many diseases that are perfectly safe, yet far more effective than most traditional therapies that can at times pose a greater threat than the disease itself. The typical radiation and chemotherapy for cancer is a prime example.

You will also learn why the rates of Alzheimer’s disease escalated “dramatically” since 1979. Back then, only 857 died of Alzheimer’s, yet today a total of 5.4 million are currently living with Alzheimer’s – A huge escalation in a relatively shore period of time! Thus, many are forced to spend their remaining years in a nursing home, or Alzheimer’s ward, yet it’s not really necessary. In fact, today at 83, my mind is considerably sharper than it was more than 60 years ago when I was attending the University of Oregon! A couple years ago, I was doing lectures for Ann Summers, Founder and CEO of Healthy in Oregon. She often referred to me as “a walking encyclopedia”.

You will learn how Alzheimer’s can be prevented, and often even “reversed” in a relatively short period of time. One major contributor is the hundreds of medications developed and promoted since 1979. Our seniors are being placed unnecessarily on the most medications, yet I never have relied on medications – just nutrients. In fact, some of the most knowledge pharmacists also nutritionally oriented, never rely on drugs as well. They are fully aware of the many risks that drugs pose. They can’t possibly prevent or cure disease – just treat symptoms, while creating other symptoms in the process.

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Customer Reviews

Here are just some of the great reviews I have received on my books

“This is the most informative and interesting book on healthcare that I have ever read. The common sense approach to wellness and the blatant use of prescription drugs that make one ill are both addressed with plenty of references. Too bad more medical doctors don’t or won’t read Dr. Tanton’s book. Perhaps there would be fewer people in nursing homes with debilitating diseases.”

“My son has suffered for years with gall bladder attacks. Dr.Tanton suggested he get a food allergy test and to read this book. He found that he was allergic to several things (soy products was a big one). He watches what he eats now and follows what he has learned in this book. He has only had one small attack in four months. I bought the book and I have learned so much to help me stay healthy. I recommend it to everyone!”

“I feel that Dr. Tanton did a great public service with this book. It was almost textbook in its presentation. I took a lot of what I read in the doctor’s book and used it to make further inquiries and because I had more of an idea of what was needed, I felt a lot less nervous about things that mattered to me. I appreciate that this book aims to inform the reader rather than showcase the writer. One last point: we, on the whole need to take advantage of opportunities to find out what medicines and remedies are available in light of the shortages, recalls and quackery in todays health environment.”

“I found the book to be most helpful in eliminating all prescription drugs from my system. It really exposes how evil and corrupt BIG PHARMA can be in their quest for more profits. I highly recommend that people read this book and then implement Dr Tanton’s remedies to rid their bodies of all toxins. Live drug free and live longer.”